Sunday, January 31, 2010

Best Youtube Channel

Here it is. This is the objectively best Youtube channel. Hands down. Check it out will ya.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Free Will/ Love me or Burn

So, like, with God and stuff. People say God gives us free will cuz he wants us to love him freely of our own free will and stuff, and yeah. Its like how can he say, "I give you free will to accept me and love me or not" and stuff, and then if we don't accept him and love him he will send us to a place of eternal torture if we don't and send us to a place of eternal bliss if we do. I have had a few girl friends and stuff and many relationships, and its hard to be good to somebody when they're not good to you, but its possible. And if I want someone to love me freely of their own free will, I think, ideally, I would just treat them like a regular person kind of rather than setting up some kind of reward system. The fact that this reward system has supposedly been set up, makes me suppose that God wants to push me to love him as hard as he possibly can. Like, he'll do everything but violate my free will, BUT, since I have my doubts about the bible and since I know I have sinful nature, and since it doesn't seem to me that a loving god would send anyone to a place of eternal torture because it seems inconsistent with the whole loving God idea, I wish he would, just up and violate my free will. Reading and talking about the bible and theology really feels to me like an elaborate manmade doohicky built to justify a book which was written by a bunch of different human beings who really didn't know what they were talking about except for a spark of insight here and there, which can be found in any book. Anywayze. God is real, but the bible is fake. Thats alls I gots for now folks.