Friday, April 22, 2011

Oh. For Real?

Oh. For real?! That’s the title I’m goin with. Here we go. If something happens in life and you aren’t able to make sense of it, than we call it a mystery. If somebody tells you something or if you read something and it doesn’t make sense, we don’t call it a mystery. We say there’s a hole in the story; it doesn’t add up. It’s not a mystery. It invalidates the story. And you know what? It doesn’t matter if this story is a sacred story. It doesn’t matter if this is a story your parents or your grand parents believe. If there are holes in the story, it’s not a mystery. It’s a hole. It’s a contradiction. I’m talking about the Bible of course. “There are some things we just can’t understand,” they say. Sure, in life there are things we can’t understand, but if I’m to trust something somebody says or writes, it can’t have plot holes. Ok? Let’s say I’m a woman who is deeply in love with my husband, and he’s the one I trust most in the world. He tells me he’s going on a business trip. He tells me it’s in Colorado, and I find, let’s say plane ticket stubs or something that say California, I don’t say it’s a mystery. I say somethin’s up.