Friday, May 14, 2010

Communication and Response

What is the difference between talking with someone and deciding that you like or dislike them based on that encounter and seeing someone's art or music and deciding that you like or dislike them based on that encounter? There is no difference. These are both forms of expression and neither is the "official" form of expression. If you walk by someone on the street and neither of you choose to speak to each other, that was still an interaction. That was still expression and communication. Your making judgements about that person based on this interaction is equally justified as with any other type of interaction. If you see a painting on a wall, you are interacting with the painter simply by seeing what he or she has done. It is no different than someone speaking to you, except for the fact that it will be more difficult to respond. Well, actually it might be said that after seeing the painting, every action you do for the rest of your life is a response to what the painter showed you. Same goes with if it was some person speaking to you, though. A response is not just a verbal and immediate reply.


All communication is an expression of ego on some level.