Saturday, November 28, 2009

We're DOOMed

MF DOOM aka Viktor Vaughn aka King Geedorah is one of my very favorite rappers, and thankfully for this post his stuff translates to written word exquisitely. I will present to you my ten favorite DOOM lines in no particular order.

What makes DOOM truely stand out is his rhyming skills, and I mean this in the most literal sense. I don't mean his rapping skills, I mean the pure act of finding words and phrases that rhyme with each other. To do this well you must have a good brain and a lot of patience. It's easier to rhyme two phrases that have been rhymed before, but part of the art of making a rhyme is putting something together that makes sense where the listener is like, wow! How did he come up with that, and why didn't anybody think of that before.

A lot of people have trouble listening to DOOM. His voice is kind of monotone, his flow is kind of clumsy at times, and its hard to know what he's talking about most the time cuz he uses a lot of obscure figures of speech, but I feel some of the parts are so juicy and unusual its hard not to enjoy it. He can rhyme two phrases together, six syllables each and make it make sense. Another very neat thing is he'll spit the thuggist ghetto slang and he'll also spit the white-collar white people type of lingo. Both flow natural and joke off each other. Here we go.

"...Hell, I made it, Momma.
Grammy for the worlds most celebrated rhymer (pronounced 'rahma')..."
From "GMC," off Vaudville Villain

"...These crews is too soft.
He came to tear the roof off, to get paid to goof off.
They don't really wanna battle.
All they gonna do is get mad and go tattle..."
From "GMC," off Vaudville Villain

"...Border line skitzo. Sorta fine tits tho.
Pour da wine;
whore ta grind;
quarter ta nine;
lets go..."
from "Meatgrinder," off Madvillainy

"...Groovy Dude. Not to prove to be rude,
but this stuff is like what you might put on movie food
uh...what is Jalapeñas? Get it? like a woopin, when you holler at your señas..."
from "Great Day," off Madvillainy

"What up.
to all rappers shut up,
and once you shuttin up,
keep a shirt on, at least a button-up.
Is they rappers or stripper males?
Outa work jerks, since they shut down Chippendales
They chippin' nails. DOOM tippin' scales
Let alone the pre-orders as counted off shippin' sales
This one goes out to all my people skippin bail, dippin' jail, whippin tail, n sippin ale
Light the doobie till it grow like a ruby
after that you can't find the Villain like Scooby..."
From "Beef Rap," off MM Food

"...Now you apologize. That's what they all say. You wasn't sorry when you sucked him off in the hallway..."
From "Fancy Clown," off Madvillainy

"...Don't mind me.
I wrote this rhyme lightly off of two or three heinies,
and boy was they fine, G!
One Black, one Spanish, one Chinee.
It keeps the woody shiny year round like a pine tree..."
From "Money Folder," off Madvillainy

"...They too carefree with they mouth around here.
Off with his head! and display it in town square
atop of seven feet spike
make sure its on tight
in light of when the peasants throw stones with all they might.
Skull gets smashed for weeks
till vulture beaks eats the last meat off the cheeks..."
From "The Fine Print," off Take me to your Leader

"...Viktor the director flip a scrip like Rob Riner
The way alota dudes rhyme, they name should be Knob Shiner
For a buck they'd likely dance the jig or do the hucklebuck
To Vik its no big deal. They just a bunch of knuckle fucks..."
From "Vaudville Villain," off Vaudville Villain

"...Listen, youth. Its like me holdin up the line at the kissin booth.
I took her back to the truck. She was uncouth.
Spittin all out the sunroof through her missin tooth..."
From "Doomsday" off Operation Doomsday

Friday, November 27, 2009

Groups are People Too

It seems to me that groups are people too. Think about it. If all we are is our brains, and all are brains are is networks than what differentiates a person from a cooperative group? Nothing really. Both can do the same thing. Both have internal disagreements that must be resolved. Thinking about it this way makes group think make sense. Its not just a peculiar phenomenon, but part of a bigger picture. Looking at life this way makes one see everything not as people trying to get along with each other, but rather, like, a bunch of ideas and a bunch of systems performing functions. I don't exist. My body exists, but my mind is just a collection of ideas, which belong to many other brains, not just my own. My brain also contains lists of orders to which I belong. Me and my friends ad up to one entity. My group of friends is part of a larger, perhaps regional group, which is part of a national group, which is part of an international group. Its all unofficial. Whenever I meet someone I hit it off with real good, its likely that they're a member of my group on some level.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Arts and Sports Once More

When it comes to hard times there's two philosophies in life that you can have. The first is artistic. That is to say, it may seem you have made a mistake, but it all contributes to the whole big picture which is what ultimately ought to be a good picture and that's what one strives toward. So when a mistake is made it is not looked at as a mistake, but, well, with me, for instance, I kind of try to roll with it n try to create an outcome that justifies a decision.

I'm more seeing it a different way now, and that is like sport. Surfing, in particular, illustrates the point. You fuck up, you get back up, you hope for the best the next time. The problem with this approach is that it treats the path like some kinda idol, like its infallible, but its not, so this approach isn't necessarily more solid and logical than the other approach which seems more touchy feeley, but its equally if not more valid. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

If energy's infinite

I was thinking about this. If everything is made of energy and energy has always existed and always will exist, and it seems very likely, than a very interesting thing is true. Picture nothing but a mass of energy, as difficult as this is. The behavior of this energy is the cause of everything that exists and occurs. All the planets and solar system and stars and stuff may disappear into nothing, but this energy will always exist, and we presume the behavior of this energy to be random, so whatever happened with it that birthed our universe will inevitably happen again eventually because there is an infinite amount of time at this energy's disposal in which to roll the correct number, so to speak. Its very very unlikely that it will roll the number which creates the outcome we live with now, but with infinite time, its inevitable, so it will eventually happen. It has to eventually because time is infinite because this energy will always exist and has always existed. So what this means is that the reality that we have, the universe that we have has already happened-- an infinite amount of times, and it will happen an infinite amount of times, along with every possible variation of what could have happened. Everything that can happen will happen and has happened an infinite amount of times. The alternative to this view of things is that energy which makes up everything came out of nothing and will, it seems, eventually disappear into nothing, or maybe it won't. Maybe it came out of nothing and will keep going, but that it came out of nothing is a notion that makes no sense to me at all. And if it came out of nothing at one point, it seem likely that after it disappears into nothing there's a chance it will come out of nothing again, and given the infinite amount of time it has at its disposal it must be inevitable. Ok that's all I got for the time being.