Wednesday, September 30, 2009

what is love? as far as I can tell its just people wishing the best for each other and trying to make it all work together for the best. Its much preferable to have these wishes for an individual than for all of humanity. Well, I guess you can have them for humanity as a whole, but when it comes to being open and vulnerable and intimate, these things are tricky. If one makes ones self completely vulnerable to all, one will be worthless to the whole because one will become simply an unthinking device in the hands of the most powerful within the masses.

so love becomes a thing for smaller groups. The smaller the group the greater the selflessness and the intimacy and vulnerability. When this force from an individual interacts against another individual using that same mentality what happens is a collective sort of thing. When it happens, the two things will cling together in a strong bond. 

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Emperor's New Clothes

The Emperor's New Clothes.  Is a story for the smart. Its roughly the same as the plot line of the story. This is a game that people play like crazy and we don't even hardly know it. But those who completely understand it are able to play this game on some level. What is the interest of the story but the matter of smarter people outwhitting dumber people by using their vanity as their weakness. Maybe a lot of these smart folks act like dumb off kilter folks so as to keep the riff raff away. To attract the sincere human beings. People who are sincerely curious and thoughtful. Who are truly good in the end. The baddies who are brought in, the straglers who manage to get through are chased off in such a way where the bad folks will be able to say comfortingly to themselves that "this guys "a crazy phsyco, as I always suspected deep down."

See the article about Sacha Baron Cohen down below. He plays that game with his humor.

what else keeps the vain, smaller people out. The matter of a given job being beneath them. They take issue with some issue that bothers them.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


I hate going to clubs. I fuckin hate hate hate goin to clubs. This is where the loud music forces you to communicate nonverbally. This is where the bitches dance half naked n act oblivious. This is where the players act hard and chase the tail. I hate when the song is so direct, for instance, "tryin' to get to you and that booty." or "my lovely lady lumps." And you can never talk directly about that shit with a decent girl, but somehow chix'll dance to it. Oh I really hate it when people are dancing and you can see their lips saying the words of the song. These are probably the same people who play the dance shit in their car. Either that or they come to the clubs all the time. Maybe I'm just a hater. Ok, I'm just a hater. I wish the standard was everybody sits around at the library n guys go to sit down with whichever girl looks up to their speed, and they just start talkin. Maybe that would give me more of an advantage. I just want for me and everybody like me to have first pick of the best dames and all the spike haired cholos with their collars popped and their buttons undone to fuck themselves.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift ain't country and Kanye isn't a very exciting rapper.

Friday, September 11, 2009

recent movie reviews

In the past two months I've seen 4 movies in the theater. In chronological order, these movies are: Bruno, In Glorious Bastards, Extract, and 9. 

Bruno I give a 9. I'm biased tho because I'm crazy about everything Cohen does. Its all perfection in my book. With all of his four characters he kind of does the same thing which is a discussion performance kind of. Its like, there's the art of the monologue or the standup thing, and this can be done with improvisational elements where the audience can participate, but Cohen takes it to a new level where the viewer is unaware that they are the straight man in some kind of improvisational back and fourth. Here's where the other part of the grand joke comes into play. Cohen plays a character which adheres to a stereotype which the viewer doesn't see through because they have a preconceived notion as to what this type acts like and Cohen stays true to that notion. If that's confusing, let me clarify. Think of the Ali G character. You'll see him interviewing some old white dude who doesn't interact with urban sorts of people very often, so when Ali asks a really stupid question, the old guy doesn't usually say, "What?! Are you joking? You can't be serious. That's a really really stupid question." The old guy will think, "well, okay, thug types of folks like this are ignorant so let me answer the question honestly so that he might learn." I mean it's probably never this straight forward, but that sort of mindset makes these back and forths possible. 
  So that's the form Cohen usually sticks to pretty faithfully, and so his job as a writer is to think up stupid questions and misunderstandings that might come about through discussions. Good stuff.

Inglorious Bastards, I give a nine also, but maybe I should give it a ten. It was pretty darn good. Tarantino does his thing as good as he ever does his thing which is really good. He tells a movie like a good joke teller tells a joke. Its all about the anticipation and the delivery the whole way through. His actors are given the breathing room to do what they do best. That bad guy with the chin was just perfect perfect. So evil, you just watched him on the edge of your seat. I had to look away from the gore cuz I haven't got a stomach for that kind of stuff, but I'm sure it was done well if the audience's reaction is any indicator.

Extract was okay. I'll give it a 6 I guess. It was pretty funny and quirky and believable. 

9 was shit. I give it a 1. I didn't give a darn about the characters. I hated the animation. I don't know what to say. 

Thursday, September 10, 2009

So there was a hostage situation. The bandits had 30 women and children in a small abandon building on the outskirts of town. The situation was looking very grim. The FBI special forces were posted outside the compound waiting for the opportunity to strike and strike quick. 
  "We sure are in a jam," the second in command says to the head officer who suddenly exclaims, "I've got. By george, I've got it! What were gonna do is this: I want you guys to stay out here and keep lookout. I'm going to go home and jack off in the bathroom. They'll never see me coming."