Friday, July 23, 2010

Lose the Truth

The Christian culture would behoove itself to stop using the word "truth" so much. In fact, if they could cut that word out of their lexicon all together like they did with "fuck" and "shit," they might find themselves in better shape and losing fewer souls to the dark side. The proactive approach that Christianity seems to be taking now, in its strongest circles, is to redefine the word. This is not going to work. Its a noble idea, but its just not going to work. They succeeded with the word "life," I do believe. It now means having Jesus in your heart or something. They succeeded with "good" and "evil." These words, now, basically represent the poles on a continuum which represents one's adherence to or rejection of Christian traditions. You know, come to think of it, they might succeed in redefining the word "truth." But once they do, it might make it harder to win converts. The easier thing would be to rid their world view of the concept all together. They're half way there. Science has a stigma about it. Questioning and thinking is sort of frowned upon or laughed off. I think there could be a real draw to a religion that never speaks of truth and just pulls the individual into this imaginary world without acknowledging any ideas of proof or lack thereof. The ultimate good could be a sense of utility. This would give Christianity a leg up on secularism whose culture seems in so many ways to embrace an endless searching.

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