Thursday, August 19, 2010

If You Understand

If you understand the concept of 1+1=2, you understand that the mathematical phrase, like any mathematical phrase is true by its very definition. It is true because one definition of 1 is that which becomes 2 when 1 is added to it. One definition of 2 would be 1+1. You get it? A number is an abstract representation of an amount. Of course there is no amount which is actually 1, but if there were such an amount as exactly 1, add another portion of exactly 1 and you would definitely and surely and absolutely get exactly 2.

If you understand that 1+1=2, you understand that you hold this truth without choice. You have no say in the matter as to whether you believe it or not. You know it to be true because you perceive it to be true. Something which you perceive to be true is a belief. I read an article on wordpress by someone named Laicite, and they spelled that out for me so that it finally made perfect sense. A belief is not a choice. A belief is something you perceive to be true.

So with this mentality, the only form of Christianity which would make any sense is Calvinism with its concept of "election" where God chooses who believes in him and who doesn't. So that would explain why the concept makes no sense to me whatsoever. I wasn't chosen. This is sad. God's gift of reason was actually more of an eternal curse and not a way to make sense of the world.

But of course I'm joking. God has given me some sense of reason and clear perceptive abilities to make sense of the world around me so that I might best serve those around me and help to make this life a blessing. If I shut my eyes to what I see and hear and understand, it doesn't mean I am choosing to believe that the Bible is the only true inspired word of God. It means that I don't believe that this is true so I must prevent myself from finding out for sure. It would be more of a fatalistic agnosticism or something to take this approach. It would be like saying, I can never know for sure, so I might as well shut my eyes and dive in full force to that bs which is most accessible to me.

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