Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lynch's Best Ten

Brother Lynch's ten best songs are as follows, in descending order.

24 deep. off the album "24 deep." It takes a standard, hip hop sort of approach. Great attack, great triplets, lots of verses, all Lynch. Its very very very good. Its nice how the big drums take a little while to come in. Good start for a good beginning. "I got enough shit on my mind. I just can't care." Good wording, I must say. the bass fits real real nice. Lynch has the juice.

there it is. off the album "block movement." Its slow and a little goofy, but its good in a way that not of a lot of other rap is good. It shows what Lynch does so crazy. He kind of tiptoes up to these little climactic parts and you start to kind of feel the anticipation build up like, like somethin. Somethin sexual or violent. ain't nothin gon' happen that ain't suppose to happen opposed to rappin. i close the gap and hit that ass with the mini mac. close caption.

one mo pound. its very weedy. its very anthemic. its amazing really. it has a wonderful wonderful opening with just enough reverb on the vocal. The beat is very minimal and perfect and the bass is nice and low and grumbly.

return of the baby killer. everybody loves this one. starts out a little slow, but builds up like crazy and the west coast sounds start to come, the bass starts to talk to ya and Lynch triplets the heck out of this thing.

naked cheese. from "ebk 4" nice lil love song. his rappin on this is way too cool. its so great. its very chill gangster rap stuff. he pops in with some way elegant rhythmic moments. Nice and simple stuff like "my weed didn't have no seeds in it. foggin up the cutlas supreme. rollin down the street in it.

situation. off "loaded." wonderful verses by everybody. perfect intro. perfect all the way through really. Lynch is amazing and original and that little clip clap in the beat is the perfect little touch.

siccmade. from the album "season of the siccness" is gross and funny and feels like Lynch's theme song or somthing. Its a very very fine peice of music. lotty da. that cannibalistic nigga that got that nine millamita gun. that nigga that nigga that got them muthafuckas on the run.

XCaliber from "EBK 4" is exciting and wonderful and it builds and you don't know what's gonna happen next. Some of the best little Lynch moments and it all just gels together so smooth. has a lot of good spots of stucturing the phrases in a familiar sort of way but having the parts that rhyme in unfamiliar spots within those sentences.

Now, we are at number 2 which is Last Night off the album, "ripgut collection." and I'm off the OE. you know me. Triplet right there at the beginning. beautiful. Love the little tin sounds in the back. good chorus. Great incorporation of the chorus into the verse. Wonderful bass with it all, too. Came in all alone. put one in yo dome. in the mornin you was gon'.

best song. Die 1 by 1. from "Loaded." it has the perfect lil sample from the movie "Evil Dead." Its got wonderful west coast sounds and such a horribleness to it all. Siccmade music comin up out yo speaka. It just does it. This song does it so so good. I really don't understand a lot of it but I don't mind. After you hear this song you can't be afraid of anything again.

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