Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Oooo. I mighta thought of something

Ooooo. I mighta thought of something. Maybe things are like this. Maybe there are three different ways in which we can view the world, but you can only be doing one at a given time. Some people may live their whole lives with only one of the three the whole way through. Others may skip around more. The first way in my little theory is to live in competition. This is reflected by our interest in sports and games and all things competitive. The other way is as a work of art. Think of your life as the narrative part of a work of art which is your whole life. This seems to me to be a good deal more ethical way of going about it, but maybe that's just me. And perhaps its equally less ethical than the third way of living and that is in a state of communion with all things, one of them being humanity, firstly with those very close and after that, maybe acquaintances, and finally the family of mankind with naturally a bit more caution, but not willing wrong against anybody.

Nomatter how any of the reflexions of these three try, they can't wipe out the other two out of the equation, because they are present in this dimension. The mona lisa isn't art is what I'm saying, but rather a reflexion of how it might occur in the actual world, but the artist can't help compete with himself and against the natural things which prevent the image in his head from just appearing on some surface for all to see.

Competition inevitably has artistic and community elements within it, that's, once again, because this isn't real competition but rather a simulation of the competive moves one makes in ones own life. 

And who out there doesn't know of relationships between people effected by competition. What about creativity tho. How are interactions between people effected by the desire to live ones life as a work of art. Well, art is about creation the way I use it in th
e analogy. What is creation, but making something new. Making something new interrupts regularity and security. When a guy just doens't want to settle in and comform to the way things are always done one flys in the face of traditions which have sort of semi-systematically examined reality in its own little awkward way. It has learned from its mistakes. It has evolved, you might say.

So there you have it. It looks like I darn near wrote an essay. This is kind of how I've been looking at the world. I believe the noblest way to live is in communion with people. The worst is in competition, other side of the spectrum. Right in the middle we have art. Where life is examined  in its abstracted form. 

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