Saturday, October 3, 2009


what is God? God is the furthest point on the end of a line who's other endpoint is whatever is the very smallest thing. God is by my definition, simply the very biggest bestest thing. So, if it turns out that mankind is the very biggest bestest thing then, that's what god is and that's what we're referring to whenever we've said, "god." But I just want to say that "God" is who I worship. The issue usually isn't "God" as much as the idea of believing all these specific facts about the nature of God. And rather than just trusting God. These things, these questions had to be answered in ways that ended up coincidentally giving some individuals a power they hadn't had before. In our culture you have to believe all the story's you've heard about God or you are seen as his enemy. But my mentality is like this: God is some great being who for whatever reason doesn't speak in an obvious way at all to humanity. This is one thing that I can say with certainty from my experience and my observation of other people. But then, there's all these different story's circulating in his absence. He did this and this and the other thing. He said that we have to do this or we'll burn in hell. He said he loves us more than we know. So many stories but no real proof and a whole lot of contradiction. But my allegience is to God. Whoever or whatever or however that is. Why isn't this sufficient?

It reminds me of the story of the guy was walking down the street and a man comes up and says, sir you are in grave danger, surrender your whole life to me or you'll be tortured forever.

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