Wednesday, September 30, 2009

what is love? as far as I can tell its just people wishing the best for each other and trying to make it all work together for the best. Its much preferable to have these wishes for an individual than for all of humanity. Well, I guess you can have them for humanity as a whole, but when it comes to being open and vulnerable and intimate, these things are tricky. If one makes ones self completely vulnerable to all, one will be worthless to the whole because one will become simply an unthinking device in the hands of the most powerful within the masses.

so love becomes a thing for smaller groups. The smaller the group the greater the selflessness and the intimacy and vulnerability. When this force from an individual interacts against another individual using that same mentality what happens is a collective sort of thing. When it happens, the two things will cling together in a strong bond. 

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