Friday, September 25, 2009

The Emperor's New Clothes

The Emperor's New Clothes.  Is a story for the smart. Its roughly the same as the plot line of the story. This is a game that people play like crazy and we don't even hardly know it. But those who completely understand it are able to play this game on some level. What is the interest of the story but the matter of smarter people outwhitting dumber people by using their vanity as their weakness. Maybe a lot of these smart folks act like dumb off kilter folks so as to keep the riff raff away. To attract the sincere human beings. People who are sincerely curious and thoughtful. Who are truly good in the end. The baddies who are brought in, the straglers who manage to get through are chased off in such a way where the bad folks will be able to say comfortingly to themselves that "this guys "a crazy phsyco, as I always suspected deep down."

See the article about Sacha Baron Cohen down below. He plays that game with his humor.

what else keeps the vain, smaller people out. The matter of a given job being beneath them. They take issue with some issue that bothers them.

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