Saturday, September 19, 2009


I hate going to clubs. I fuckin hate hate hate goin to clubs. This is where the loud music forces you to communicate nonverbally. This is where the bitches dance half naked n act oblivious. This is where the players act hard and chase the tail. I hate when the song is so direct, for instance, "tryin' to get to you and that booty." or "my lovely lady lumps." And you can never talk directly about that shit with a decent girl, but somehow chix'll dance to it. Oh I really hate it when people are dancing and you can see their lips saying the words of the song. These are probably the same people who play the dance shit in their car. Either that or they come to the clubs all the time. Maybe I'm just a hater. Ok, I'm just a hater. I wish the standard was everybody sits around at the library n guys go to sit down with whichever girl looks up to their speed, and they just start talkin. Maybe that would give me more of an advantage. I just want for me and everybody like me to have first pick of the best dames and all the spike haired cholos with their collars popped and their buttons undone to fuck themselves.

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