Friday, November 27, 2009

Groups are People Too

It seems to me that groups are people too. Think about it. If all we are is our brains, and all are brains are is networks than what differentiates a person from a cooperative group? Nothing really. Both can do the same thing. Both have internal disagreements that must be resolved. Thinking about it this way makes group think make sense. Its not just a peculiar phenomenon, but part of a bigger picture. Looking at life this way makes one see everything not as people trying to get along with each other, but rather, like, a bunch of ideas and a bunch of systems performing functions. I don't exist. My body exists, but my mind is just a collection of ideas, which belong to many other brains, not just my own. My brain also contains lists of orders to which I belong. Me and my friends ad up to one entity. My group of friends is part of a larger, perhaps regional group, which is part of a national group, which is part of an international group. Its all unofficial. Whenever I meet someone I hit it off with real good, its likely that they're a member of my group on some level.

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