Sunday, November 22, 2009

Arts and Sports Once More

When it comes to hard times there's two philosophies in life that you can have. The first is artistic. That is to say, it may seem you have made a mistake, but it all contributes to the whole big picture which is what ultimately ought to be a good picture and that's what one strives toward. So when a mistake is made it is not looked at as a mistake, but, well, with me, for instance, I kind of try to roll with it n try to create an outcome that justifies a decision.

I'm more seeing it a different way now, and that is like sport. Surfing, in particular, illustrates the point. You fuck up, you get back up, you hope for the best the next time. The problem with this approach is that it treats the path like some kinda idol, like its infallible, but its not, so this approach isn't necessarily more solid and logical than the other approach which seems more touchy feeley, but its equally if not more valid. 

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