Tuesday, November 10, 2009

If energy's infinite

I was thinking about this. If everything is made of energy and energy has always existed and always will exist, and it seems very likely, than a very interesting thing is true. Picture nothing but a mass of energy, as difficult as this is. The behavior of this energy is the cause of everything that exists and occurs. All the planets and solar system and stars and stuff may disappear into nothing, but this energy will always exist, and we presume the behavior of this energy to be random, so whatever happened with it that birthed our universe will inevitably happen again eventually because there is an infinite amount of time at this energy's disposal in which to roll the correct number, so to speak. Its very very unlikely that it will roll the number which creates the outcome we live with now, but with infinite time, its inevitable, so it will eventually happen. It has to eventually because time is infinite because this energy will always exist and has always existed. So what this means is that the reality that we have, the universe that we have has already happened-- an infinite amount of times, and it will happen an infinite amount of times, along with every possible variation of what could have happened. Everything that can happen will happen and has happened an infinite amount of times. The alternative to this view of things is that energy which makes up everything came out of nothing and will, it seems, eventually disappear into nothing, or maybe it won't. Maybe it came out of nothing and will keep going, but that it came out of nothing is a notion that makes no sense to me at all. And if it came out of nothing at one point, it seem likely that after it disappears into nothing there's a chance it will come out of nothing again, and given the infinite amount of time it has at its disposal it must be inevitable. Ok that's all I got for the time being.

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